Canine degenerative diseases

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common condition of large breed dogs. Many dog owners have heard of it, but the fact is that anyone owning a large breed dog or considering a large breed dog as a pet should become familiar with this condition. The larger the dog, the more likely the development of this problem becomes, particularly as the dog ages. The following is a review of this disease.

A nutritious diet, free of preservatives, contaminants and other impurities, can help foster a healthier digestive system in many dogs.
Large dogs are more prone to degenerative diseases such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Feeding your dog a healthy diet in the right portions to maintain his ideal body weight can help alleviate the pain and suffering associated with these disorders.

So What is Hip Dysplasia?

The term dysplasia means abnormal growth, thus hip dysplasia means abnormal growth or development of the hips. Hip dysplasia occurs during the growing phase of a puppy, usually a large breed puppy, and essentially refers to a poor fit of the ball and socket nature of the hip. The normal hip consists of the femoral head (which is round like a ball and connects the femur to the pelvis), the acetabulum (the socket of the pelvis), and the fibrous joint capsule and lubricating fluid that make up the joint. The bones (femoral head and acetabulum) are coated with smooth cartilage so that motion is nearly frictionless and the bones glide smoothly across each other's surface.


One of the most common ailments that our dogs experience today is arthritis. Often, arthritis causes stiffness, pain, difficulty rising and lying down, and a reluctance to exercise.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise such as walking and/or swimming may be of infinite benefit to a dog with arthritis. In addition, weight control is the biggest factor to consider when trying to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Over 50% of the dogs diagnosed with arthritis are overweight, and would see many positive benefits if they were able to drop the extra pounds.

Chef K9's Doggy Bistro & Bakery offers special diets, custom developed for your dog, to help him or her lose those extra pounds.


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