Facts and myths about dog food

Chef K9's Gourmet Dog Food contains no fillers, toxic chemicals, or slaughterhouse waste
Chef K9's Gourmet Dog Food contains no fillers, toxic chemicals, or slaughterhouse waste.
Myth: My dog food will help my pet live a long and healthy life.
FACT: Most dog foods don't contain enough quality proteins, suitable fats, and proper carbohydrate sources. Sadly, most dog foods DO contain fillers, toxic chemicals & preservatives, sugars, spoiled or rancid grains, slaughterhouse waste, artificial colors and flavors, feces, and even pesticides. The AAFCO even allows bird beaks, feet and feathers to be used as a protein source.

The average dog can consume 35-40 lbs. of chemical preservatives a year. Cancer rates in dogs have increased, as well as starting at earlier ages then ever before. Even the average life expectancy of our dogs has been decreasing at alarming rates.
Myth: "If it looks like my pet might have a food allergy, I should be able to manage the problem by switching to another diet."
FACT: Unfortunately for food allergic pets, most pet food diets contain some sort of mixture of beef, dairy, wheat, lamb, fish, and chicken. This means that simply changing foods is bound to lead to exposure to the same allergens.

There are two ways to address food allergy: feeding a diet based on a truly novel protein source (this usually means an exotic diet like venison, duck, kangaroo, rabbit or even alligator) OR feeding a diet where the protein has been pre-digested into units too small to interest the immune system.
Myth: "Food allergy is a less likely cause of my pet's skin disease as we have been feeding the same food for years and the skin problem is a recent development."
FACT: It takes time to develop a food allergy, typically months to years. The immune system must be exposed and must develop enough antibodies to trigger an allergic reaction and this requires multiple exposures to the food in question. A reaction to a food that occurs on the first exposure to that food is not an allergic reaction. Such reactions are called "food intolerances" and involve toxins within the food but not an allergic reaction.
Myth: My dog food is 100% complete and balanced.
FACT: All breeds of dog vary in their own nutritional needs, therefore, how can any one dog food be 100% complete for all dogs. It can't!
Myth: My dog food contains only the freshest ingredients, and choice cuts of meat.
FACT: Most dog foods contain inferior ingredients, unsuitable for human consumption. By-products, meat meals, animal digest, old or rancid grains, bird feathers, even dead, diseased, and deformed animals all make up the ingredient list in many commercial dog foods.
Myth: Human food is bad for dogs.
FACT: Human food is the same food dogs ate for thousands and thousands of years. Human food cooked for people is normally made with sauces, salts, seasonings, and various other ingredients. It is those ingredients that we add, that makes our food unfit for our pets. However, meats, vegetables, grains, yogurt, and cheese are all suitable ingredients (when fed in proper amounts) for our dogs, just leave the condiments for your two legged family members.
Chef K9's Gourmet Dog Treats are a healthy, nutritious and tasty snack for your dog
Chef K9's Gourmet Dog Treats are a healthy, nutritious — and tasty! — snack for your dog.
Myth: Vitamin C is the new cure-all wonder vitamin for dogs.
FACT: Unlike humans, dogs produce their own vitamin C. Not only is supplementing a dog's diet with Vitamin C bad, it may even lead to kidney and/or liver malfunctions or failure.
Myth: Doggy treats are a healthy treat for our dogs.
FACT: Most dog treats contain large amounts of chemicals and preservatives. Think about how long most treats have been sitting on store shelves. These chemicals and preservatives contribute to poor health, especially over the long term.

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