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Gracie before

Gracie and I are grateful for the patience, knowledge and understanding from Chef K9's Doggy Bistro and Bakery.

Gracie after

I've been with Chef K9's Doggy Bistro & Bakery for the past two plus years and working with Craig and the staff has not only been a great experience, but they have been down this challenging road with me for my five year old Victorian bulldog Gracie.

I adopted Gracie at the tri-county humane society in Boca Raton at four months old. I have tried every holistic, raw, not processed food for her. Unfortunately Gracie comes from a gene pool that not only doesn't treat her well, but if she was put in the hands of people who couldn't take the time, care, money & (ChefK9's) she wouldn't be with us today.

Gracie's peak weight was 87 lbs. The first year with Chef K9's we concentrated on her losing weight and detoxifying Gracie's body. With much success Gracie lost 11lbs. in her first year (and did so safely) and has continued losing. She is currently now at 63lbs. We were also battling a stone the size of a half dollar in her bladder and crystals in her urine that every time she would urinate she would bleed.

I found a new vet who is amazing. He did the surgery on Gracie to remove the stone and had the stone analyzed to find out it was a urate stone. For Gracie this meant NO animal protein which means beef, turkey, pork etc... How does a dog live without that... Right?

This happens to be common in bulldogs and dalmations. These breeds don't have the enzymes to break down the protein in their body. The vet said Gracie will have to be on an all vegetable and carbohydrate diet.

Thanks to Chef K9's and their entire staff!!! Gracie and I could not have done this without them. Gracie and I are eternally grateful for the patience, knowledge and understanding from Chef K9's Doggy Bistro & Bakery.
B. Sabatello (Gracie's Proud Mommy)
Thank you for such a wonderful diet plan for her. I am getting my puppy back. I had Tillie at her allergist this morning. She got the best report she has ever had from him. He said her skin is looking so much better all around and her itching is vertually none. She is much more comfortable. YEAH!!!! Her weight is down a bit. 5 months ago her weight was 27.5 and today she was 26. So we are making progress!!! Her energy level is high, the ducks in the area will attest to that. She loves to chase them. Thank you for such a wonderful diet plan for her. I am getting my puppy back.
Oliver's hot spots are now gone, he maintains his healthy body weight and his joint issues have disappeared!!! We simply cannot rave enough about what Chef K9's prepares for dogs. When we first adopted Oliver, our Newfoundland, we had a complete schedule for his diet, designed by his breeders. The diet consisted of raw meat, vegetables and nine suppliments twice a day. We strictly adhered to this diet for almost a year. Not only was it expensive but it took us about forty-five minutes twice a week to prepair. Newfoundlands are a giant breed and come with issues from day one. Oliver was no different. Within four months he began to have joint issues, regardless of all the precautions we took. Aside from that, his digestive system was extremely sensitive, so he would either vomit or get diarrhea for days at a time. Hot spots were also a constant and getting worse by the day. Monthly vet visits were becoming our way of life. Steroids, pills, shots and "we can't explain it" was all part of the routine visits. None too soon, we discovered Chef K-9's Doggy Bistro & Bakery in our local "Gulfstream Dog" magazine (the only place Chef K9's advertised) and checked it out online. After speaking with Craig, he worked up a balanced maintenance program for Oliver. Oliver now eats his very own breed specific fresh cooked food. Chef K9's packages the food in clear vacuum bags so you can see each ingredient! Let's not forget those yummy treats: that's right, we've (My husband & I) tasted it all. If it's not fit for for humans, our canine children shouldn't be eating it!!! Not only is Chef K9's healthier, but also so much more convenient. Oliver's hot spots are now gone, he maintains his healthy body weight and his joint issues have disappeared!!! We simply cannot rave enough about what Chef K9's prepares for dogs.

Craig and Melissa are always available to happily answer any questions or concerns. Chef K9's checks in on Oliver's progress periodically and welcomes anyone to come visit their facility. Chef K9 also has a wonderful recycling system that helps defer the shipping cost.

Product excellence, fantastic business relations and genuine love for our canine companions makes Chef-K9 so outstanding.
Thank you from our hearts,
Ken & Juanita Maher
Our pug Sadie is in the best shape of her life A big thank you to everyone at Chef K9's! Our pug Sadie is in the best shape of her life since being on the Chef K9 diet. She was having so many digestive problems with her old food, and we tried everything to get her back on track. I even started boiling chicken and making rice for her every day. This became way too time consuming and expensive, and still didn't solve her digestion issues. After finally finding Chef K9's and putting Sadie on the “Pug Meal” diet, she is healthier than ever! Her coat is shiny, her teeth look great, and she gets more excited at mealtimes than any dog I've ever seen! We also started her on the Chef K9's treats and got rid of the Beggin Strips! She loves those as well. I'll never go back to processed dog food again! THANK YOU!
K. Buige
Chef K9 is the only food she can eat and the only food she will.I just want to say that, CHEF K9 has been and continues to be a BLESSING to me because the PEACE of MIND I have in KNOWING that I'm feeding my PRECIOUS little Isabella Jaden the BEST, WELL BALANCED, HIGH QUALITY FOOD POSSIBLE and she LOVES IT. I have tried other Well Known Brands, but they only made her throw up, have diarrhea and hot spots. Chef K9 is the ONLY FOOD she CAN EAT and the ONLY FOOD she WILL. Also their WILLINGNESS to work with your Vet. to make a SPECIAL DIET TAYLORED to ONLY your pets SPECIFIC NEEDS, along with their QUICK, FRIENDLY response to your e-mails and phone calls just add to the reason I RECOMMEND Chef K9's food to EVERYONE I know. So if you LOVE your pet and WANT the BEST, CHEF K9's is it!!!!!!
K. Singleton
I am so happy that I found your dog food. I tried many different brands of dog food but Sugar would only eat yours. She was a rescue dog and I have no idea what she used to eat, but she's fat (not too) and sassy with your food. Thank you so much for being there for her. You all provide an excellent service both to the owner and our dogs. I hope everyone uses your foods and sees the difference they make.
J. Marshall
My three dogs eat every bite and Bo's skin allergies are gone.When the recent 'dog food scare' hit I started looking for safe, reliable, healthy food for my dogs. Thankfully Google led me to Now my three dogs eat every bite and Bo's skin allergies are gone.
M. Lowry
Sassy loves YOUR cooking!!!!Well.... I have to say I am speechless!!!! Sassy loves YOUR cooking!!!! I'm not sure what you have put in the food but she is eating like she has never eaten before. LOL She seems to like the treats (that's a first for doggie bakeries)......although with all her missing teeth I have to break them into smaller pieces. Kudos to you all for everything you do!
M. Berger / Sassy
Buck has not had a hot spot in over a year since he has been on the food.I want to thank you for helping Buck my GSD who will be 10 in May, but looks like 5. All due to his coat, energy level weight loss 125 to 109 and no more hot spots. I have tried every food you can think of and nothing has worked as well as what you make for him.

I think there is some extra love that also goes into the food.. I have been giving a teaspoon to my other two little rescues 24 LB's and 19LB's and they love it as well. It has also given LuLu who is 4 a shiny black coat. Every one also loves the treats. Most important Buck has not had a hot spot in over a year since he has been on the food. There is not a day that goes by when I walk Buck that at least 2 people comment on how beautiful he is. I am enclosing pictures of all three. Buck, Lulu and Sasha. Thank you all again! Chef K9's Rocks!
J. Berger / Buck
After trying multiple premium dog foods, there seemed to be no hope to get my Golden Retrievers' allergies under control. The dogs were constantly itching, no matter what food I tried. My vet recommended allergy shots every day for a year, and I couldn't imagine giving shots every days to my dogs. After doing some research on commercial dog food, and seeing how so many are detrimental with terrible chemicals and by-products , I wanted to switch to an all natural diet. So I found Chef K-9. Within 3 months of the switch, all my dogs' allergies disappeared. No more itching, scratching and welts under the chin. It was the first time I could see my dogs enjoy life without allergies and NO SHOTS. I recommend Chef K-9 to everyone. Now all 3 of my Goldens enjoy Chef K 9 every day and the vet always comments how gorgeous they look. My older Goldens are now 9 and 7 and in perfect health; no arthritis either.
J. Drey / Goldens
Our dogs are our children! We have been providing a holistic care for our rescue dogs for over 11 years. It has been difficult to find the best nutrition and the perfect balance that fits each dog (since we have 4 very different dogs), not to mention the time to prepare a really healthy meal. Finally, our pet-sitter recommended the services of Chef K-9. My worries, extra-time, and energy were finally over. Chef K-9 and team provided an extremely thorough assessment of each of our furry kids nutrition needs and put together a tailored food formulation for each. It is extremely easy and I feel rest assured that all the K-9's in the family are eating healthy, nutritious meals (maybe Chef K-9 can take care of us non-furry parents next). Thank you for your help.
Lisa and Jeff in Plantation, FL
Once we had our first shipment from  Chef K9 our problem was solved!Carey and I adopted Buddy on June 6th, 2007. He is a labradoodle from the same line as our previous labradoodle. Buddy was a little older, at 12 weeks but he seemed perfect for us. My husband in particular was missing his morning interactions with Rowdy.

So on June 6th w were at the freight pickup for OMC. The tram arrived with this small bundle sitting next to the driver. It was Buddy! But he would not come out of the crate to see us. The driver of the cart said we should have brought a few hot dogs with us! Which seemed like good advice at the time! Finally he came out and and he was as sweet as he could be!

But there was a problem! Our Buddy pooped all the time! Not once or twice a day but four or five times a day. I went to our Vet who recommended a chicken and rice diet which worked well but I know he was not getting the the full benefits of a designed diet.

After several weeks of going it local and using supplements. I found Chef K9!

The staff was terrific from the start. Once we had our first shipment from Chef K9 our problem was solved! We will never use anything again!

Thanks Chef K9
Buddy and Debbie
Our investment in Chef-K9 resulted in a generous return that is evident in Gizmo's attitude, energy level, and overall health.The products offered by Chef-K9 were not only an answer to our dog's dietary needs but a gift as well. Gizmo looks forward to every meal. Our investment in Chef-K9 resulted in a generous return that is evident in Gizmo's attitude, energy level, and overall health.

He has a beautiful coat and no longer suffers from the problems that plagued him before we found the Chef-K9 team. Thanks a Bunch!
P. Foster / Gizmo
I saw results from Chef K9's food within weeks.Anyone who has lived with a Shih Tzu knows the meaning of high maintenance and my kids, Riley and Chloe, are no exception. Here's the run down of the many things that make them so very special:

Riley: skin allergies due to diet, poor digestion, weak immune system, slow metabolism (he's a big boy!).

Chloe: major skin allergies due to diet and the environment, poor digestion, poor dental health, lethargy, weak immune system.

Aside from there very poor health, Riley and Chloe are two of the greatest kids I have ever had which is why I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution so that they can live a very long, healthy, stress free life. I have spent many years and thousands of dollars treating Riley's digestion problems and Chloe's skin irritations and allergies. I have gone to great lengths to provide the best care for Riley & Chloe and it has seemed like nothing has worked…until now!

I found an ad for Chef K9 in a magazine while vacationing in Miami, FL. When I returned home, I researched them online and spoke to Craig, (a member of their staff) and was amazed at how specific they could cater to my guys needs and at such a reasonable price. Craig was very efficient in explaining how important it is to incorporate every unique aspect of your dog and create a specific formula for their specific needs. The one thing I always remember him saying is, “No two people eat the same thing all the time, so why should dogs? Different breeds require different nutrients.” I thought that was very logically and decided to give it a shot.

I saw results from Chef K9's food within weeks. Riley's coat was shiny and he didn't flake very much. His bowels were normal again and he was much more active. He even lost weight! Chloe's skin cleared up almost immediately and I was able to take her off of the 3 different medications (including a steroid) I was giving her. It was absolutely amazing!

Now, roughly two years later, I only take Riley and Chloe to the doctor for their annual shots. They are able to go on long walks with me and they really seem to be enjoying their life. They are healthy and happy, which is all I wanted. I know it may seem a bit over the top, but Chef K9 saved their lives and my bank account. Riley and Chloe are my life and knowing they are happy and healthy means everything to me.
H. Sullivan, Atlanta, GA / Riley & Chloe

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