What is in my commercial dog food?

Shock, disgust, and horror are all words that come to mind when one looks at the label on a bag or can of dog food. Sadly, most consumers have no idea what is really in their dog's food, because the companies often hide true definitions to their ingredients. A great example would be feet & feathers. Chicken's feet and feathers may be used as a protein source, once melted down into a digestible form. So why can't we find either ingredient listed on our labels? Below, we have listed several popular ingredients used in dog food, along with brief explanations.

Animal By-Product: A secondary or inferior product resulting from producing a primary food. The feet and feathers mentioned above are both by-products of poultry processing. The two ingredients would basically be steamed until they become a gel-like substance. They would then be used as a protein source, and be classified as Poultry By Product.

Animal Digest: Can be made up of all sorts of things....Feces, other animal parts (Beaks, Feet), contents of stomachs. The only rule regarding this ingredient is that it must be made into a soluble, digestible form.

Meat Meals (Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, & Bone Meal): Ground product of animal feed grade ingredients. May consist of necks, feet, bone, blood, intestines, and viscera ground into a useable protein source.

  • While containing more meat then a by-product, there is still no measurable amount of useable meat, although it is again still considered a protein source.

Bloody Sawdust: Used to soak up the blood on the slaughterhouse floor, it too may be in your dog's food.

The 4-D's: Otherwise known as "Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Deformed" animals, unfit for human consumption, which are immediately passed on to the dog food manufacturers.

Rancid Fats: While you won't see it listed as rancid, many fats used in dog food are indeed bad. Often used fats are the cheap animal fats, rather then a canola, fish, or safflower oil which is rich in linoleic acids.

Sucrose: SUGAR comes in all sorts of forms, such as high fructose corn syrup. Unlike humans, dogs do not turn sugar into energy very easily. Sugar should be avoided.

BHT: Butylated Hydroxytoluene. A preservative very commonly found in dog food. It is thought to cause fetal abnormalities and liver damage.

Propylene Glycol: Used for texture, this chemical is known to cause severe illness in dogs.

Ethoxyquin: Another common preservative, originally intended to be used in the production of rubber. Has been known to cause all sorts of health related issues with dogs, even autoimmune disease.

  • Chef K9's Doggy Bistro uses only 100% real restaurant quality food, fit for human consumption.

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